DOT 407 Transports

We manufacture Aluminum DOT 407 Semi-Trailer Tanks.
We manufacture them to your specifications.

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Our stock specifications are as follows:

Double Conical 8400 US-Gal / 200 Barrels
Galvanized Steel Rear Frame,
Aluminum Front Frame,
Hutch CH9700, 8 leaf springs, Wabco 4S/2M ABS,
Cast Steel Hubs with oil bath,
6" AL 90deg Emergency Valve with Cork-Buna gaskets,

4" AL piping to legs & cross to each side
ending w/ 4" B/F Valve & 150# threaded flange,
Forward line run through Legs angled up to C/S w/NPT,
Single Compartment Operator S/S @ Legs,
Remote operator @ front S/S,
Ladder center S/S at dome to crows-nest,
1ea 20" Knappco Dome in top center w/crows-nest,

3" vapor recovery to bottom S/S,
C/S & rear ending w/3" NPT,
1ea 3" Fort Vale 407 Super Vent in crows-nest,
Titan or Garnet Float Gauging Systems,
2ea work lights with switches
(1 @ rear S/S & 1 @ Legs S/S), Holland 2 Speed Legs,
4ea 3" flanged cleanouts in top between baffles,
4ea baffles w/ 3" drain holes @3, 9 & 12 O'clock,
6" reinforced cutout in bottom of baffles for draining,
1ea Steel tool box @ rear S/S,
1ea tire carrier @ rear C/S,
Interior ready for coating,
Nose box front head lower S/S for
electrical and air connections.
We are standard with Truck Lite Grommet mounted LED Lights

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